Principal Message

Oct 08 , 2020

"Education is the key that unlocks all the doors"

Firstly I would like to congratulate you be a part of the Unique College family. We are thankful to all fresher who have shown trust and confidence with us. We ensure you about our commitment to provide the best available facilities and services within the campus and outside. We bring 16 years history of providing quality education to students.

                Our decade long operation has provided us with time to create perfect training approach & support staff. We are very excited to offer skill based academic education at Unique College that have gone through rigorous upgrades over the decade to all students seeking recognized quality education in Jhapa district.

                Coming to college is a big step and we recognize that you will be challenged in multiple ways before you make your decision. Hence, our team is warmly available to support and guide you through questions or concerns. Unique College offers students with wide array of courses. 

That opens up pathways for students to go onto their further studies within and outside.

                Our staff & educators' focus is to support all our students in achieving their personal and professional goals. We recognize that this is your time of growth, Self-reflection and independence and our unique team will be alongside to help you on your educational journey. I believe that Unique College will be the best destination for students to become achievers.

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