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Oct 29 , 2020

Unique College is a well reputed organized institution and was established in 2057 BS by a group of eminent academicians in Damak municipality located in the heart of Damak, Jhapa.

                The Unique College has, since it's inception, builds a formidable name in the field of management, Humanities and Education. The College has got adequate buildings, comfortable bus facilities and other infra structural facilities in the heart of Damak city.

                The classes are handled by highly qualified and motivated professionals who are adept in providing the skills and knowledge nedded to meet the challenges of today. We provide outstanding facilities and the teachers are noted for their friendliness and professionalism and are ever eager to help students to achieve greater academic success.

                The ladder of achievement of the curriculum is planned in such a way that all the potential and inherent talents of the students are tapped and developed multi dimensionally aided by computer, library, projector & internet facilities so as to flourish them with updated knowledge. The college offers sports and other extra curricular activities to unmask and grow the hidden talents and potentialities of the students.

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